Xing-Ping Zeng, Master of Grant Beauty of Sky and Land

Z017 曾興平--- W017 水彩 Z017 曾興平--- W017 水彩

"A person  of noble  character and integrity is analogical to the cosmos,  remaining in motion  in the face  of all obstacles" is the perfect  statement to illustrate Professor Xing-Ping Zeng's perseverance for painting, research and development on art education, and achievement on arts.

Professor Xing-Ping Zeng was born in Yu-Li, Hualien, Taiwan  and graduated from the Chinese  Culture  University with the degree  of Bachelor of Fine Arts. He renounced the opportunity for further  study in.Japan and returned to Yu-Li, with the aspiration to remunerate his hometown and devoting himself  to fundamental education of fine arts.

Zeng brought up numerous arts talents  in Yu-Li /eastern region of Taiwan,  and various  students of his were admitted to Departments of Fine Arts of several  universities, making  it to local  newspaper headlines and an atmosphere to learn  fine arts.   Zeng at the same  year was accepted by the Graduate School  of Fine Arts  of  the  Chinese   Culture  Unviersity, but  he  chose  to  deferred his  study  to next  year,  for  the  purpose of  continuing teaching.   Not surprisingly, the number of his students admitted to universities doubled  the number of previous year , reflecting his passion for teaching.

After graduating from the Chinese  Culture  University, Zeng taught at the National Taitung  University, on subjects of Watercolor , Sketch, Introduction to Fine Arts, and Teaching Methods  and Materials of Arts. Tzeng  stresses the sketch  ability  within  students, as he never  forgot  what his teacher  Mei-Shu Li once said: "Basics is everything to learning paintings, and sketch and theory are the basic fundamentals to paintings."

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